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Moving well-being well: exploring components of physical literacy in Irish children


Stephen Behan, Sarahjane Belton, Cameron Peers, Noel O'Connor, Johann Issartel

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Edited Conference Meeting Proceeding
The project aims to assess the current status of Irish children’s physical literacy status, while developing an intervention seeking to address deficiencies in these areas and have a positive impact on the participant’s physical literacy. With physical literacy being recognised as a key driver in lifelong physical activity participation, phase one of the Moving Well-Being Well study has assessed 2,148 primary school children (5-12 years) in all aspects of the currently accepted physical literacy model. Phase two has seen the implementation of a pilot intervention aimed at increasing participants physical literacy in a novel and unique way. Areas of assessment included; fundamental movement skills (FMS) proficiency, perceived motor skill competence, motivation and confidence measures, health related fitness measures, body image, wellbeing and physical activity participation. Results from the initial data collection show Irish school children are well below average in their fundamental movement skills (FMS), and that those more proficient in FMS are more active, have higher fitness levels, increased wellbeing, and are more motivated and confident to take part in physical activity. The pilot intervention has increased participants fundamental movement skill proficiency, which is a key component of physical literacy, by 25%. The results of the Moving Well-Being Well project could have a large role in addressing Ireland’s increased sedentary lifestyle and the growing childhood obesity epidemic.This is a cross-sectional sample and conclusive statements cannot be made without longitudinal evidence.
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International Physical Literacy Conference
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Dublin City University (DCU)
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