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FP7 CityPulse Citizen Design Competition

In collaboration with the Alexandra Institute, Aarhus Municipality, Open Data 

Aarhus, Smart Aarhus and Gatesense 

We invite you to the first FP7 CityPulse Citizen Design Competition. 

We are putting 800EUR up for grabs in cash prizes for three lucky winners (500EUR, 200EUR and 100EUR). 

The goal is to come up with a great application, service or insight for your cityusing data from the city. The magic difference is – we don’t care what data you would like to use in your design as long as you can convince us that it could be made available. We also don’t care if you live in Aarhus or anywhere else. 

So no barriers on the data, location and design, well the rules of physics and a certain social and legal conformity still are required. 

We suggest you design the app, service or insight that always makes you catch that bus, laugh out loud, save 50% of your energy bill or reduce pollution to a minimum – and anything else you can think off. 

Let it be useful for people, beautiful to look at and fun to use.

For more information on the competition, please see the attached document in 'Files' or click here.

Press Release
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 10 December, 2013