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A Latent Space Analysis of Editor Lifecycles in Wikipedia in Big Data Analytics in the Social and Ubiquitous Context

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Book Chapter
Collaborations such as Wikipedia are a key part of the value of the modern Internet. At the same time there is concern that these collaborations are threatened by high levels of member withdrawal. In this paper we borrow ideas from topic analysis to study editor activity on Wikipedia over time using latent space analysis, which offers an insight into the evolving patterns of editor behaviour. This latent space representation reveals a number of different categories of editor (e.g. Technical Experts, Social Networkers) and we show that it does provide a signal that predicts an editor’s departure from the community. We also show that long term editors generally have more diversified edit preference and experience relatively soft evolution in their editor profiles, while short term editors generally distribute their contribution at random among the namespaces and categories of articles and experience considerable fluctuation in the evolution of their editor profiles.
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National University of Ireland, Dublin (UCD)
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