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NUI Galway Professor Appointed to the Board of Informatics Europe

Professor Stefan Decker, Professor for Digital Enterprise at NUI Galway is a Director of Insight.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013Professor Stefan Decker, Professor for Digital Enterprise at NUI Galway, has been appointed to the Board of Informatics Europe, the association of computer science departments and research labs in Europe. Professor Decker is the Director of Insight@NUI Galway and is one of the leading computer scientists in Ireland.

Informatics Europe is the association of computer science departments and research laboratories in Europe and neighboring areas. The mission of the association is to foster the development of quality research and teaching in information and computer sciences, also known as Informatics.

Professor Decker said “I am looking forward to work with Informatics Europe. This appointment enables me to help shape the European and Irish research and teaching landscape. Informatics is one of the driving forces in societal, technological and economic development”.

NUI Galway is an acknowledged leader in the field of Semantic Web and Linked Data and Professor Decker has played a key role in that development through his research in the area. The ability to link currently unlinked data and information in a world with exponential data growth is an area of societal, economic, and academic interest and a key focus of the Government’s smart economy.

Ireland’s economy is heavily influenced by IT and Informatics – Ireland is the host and European headquarter of Companies like IBM, Fujitsu CISCO, HP, Avaya, EMC, Facebook, Google, and many others.  Influencing the European Research and Education environment is of importance for Ireland and its IT industry.

About Insight@NUI Galway

Insight@NUI Galway, Ireland (formerly known as the Digital Enterprise Research Institute). The Insight Centre for Data Analytics is a joint initiative between researchers at NUI Galway, University College Dublin, University College Cork, and Dublin City University, as well as other partner institutions. It brings together a critical mass of more than 200 researchers from Ireland's leading ICT centres to develop a new generation of data analytics technologies in a number of key application areas.

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Wednesday, 9 October, 2013